The idea behind Twinkle operating system is that the whole system lives in the web browser. The client must have only a web browser to work with Twinkle OS and all its applications, including office and PIM ones. This applies to for both modern and obsolete PC’s An open source Platform designed to hold a wide variety of web Applications. Twinkle OS was thought of as a new definition of an operating system, where everything inside it can be accesed from everywhere inside a network. All you need to do is login into your Twinkle OS server with a normal internert browser, and you have access to your personal desktop, with your application, documents, music, movies and all etc. Just like you left it. Twinkle OS lets you upload your files and work with them no matter where you are. It contains applications like word processor, address books, PDF reader and many more developed by the twinkle developers and vendors.

Twinkle operating system is a web desktop Following the cloud computing concept. It is mainly return in PHP, XML and Javascript. It acts as a platform for web applications written using the cloud computing concepts.It includes a desktop environment with number of applications and system utilities. It is accessible by portable devices via its mobile front end. Twinkle operating system lets you upload your files and work with them no matter where you are. It contains applications like Word processor, Address book, PDF reader and many more developed by the Twinkle vendors.

Twinkle is a simplified operating system that runs just on web browsers, providing access to a variety of web based application that allow the user to perform many simple tasks without booting a full-scale operating system. Because of its simplicity, cloud can boot in just a few seconds. The operating system is designed for Net internet divices and PCs that are mainly used to browse the internet. From cloud the user can quickly boot into the main OS, because cloud continues booting the main OS in the background.

Cloud Computing defines
• A software that manages large collections of infrastructure as a seamless flexible and dynamic operating environment.
• An environment created in a user’s machine from an on-line application stored on the cloud and run through a web browser.
• An internet based computing environment where you pay only for resources that you use.

Combining a browser with basic operating system also allows the use of cloud computing,in which application and data “live and run” on the internet instead of the hard drive. Cloud can be installed and used together with other operating systems,or act as a standalone operating system.when used as standalone operating system,hardware requirements are relatively low. We are all familiar with as operating system since we use one every day. Be it is Microsoft Windows or Apple MAC OS or even Linux, they are indipendable software that make our PC run. An operating system manages machine resources, abstract away the underlying hardware complexity and exposes useful interfaces upper layer applications. A traditional OS Manages resources within the machine boundary (such as the CPU, Memory, Hard disk and Network) but it has no visibility beyond the box.
Advantages offered by Twinkle OS

A Twinkle OS is complex to implement. There are two reasons for this complexity. First, the sheer scale of the cloud infrastructure pushes the technology limit. Few companies have had the experience of managing such a big infrastructure and the cloud providers are forced to build new solution from the ground up. For example, Google designed their own GFS to manage files and their own big tables to store a large amount of semistructure data. Similarly, Amazon designed Dynamo to manage storage and built their own management infrastructure to support their web services API. Second, A cloud has to be robust and scalable because it is designed to be shared by hundreds or thousands of people instead of just a few users on a PC. Just like the computers in the 1940’s, cloud are expensive to build, both Google and Microsoft are aggressively building out their cloud infrastructure. According to their annual 10K reports, both companies are spending close billion dollars a year on capital investment. Only a handfull companies cloud afford such big investment,yet many companies or individuals require access to a large computation capacity once in a while: thus,a large number of users cloud potentially time-share the cloud infrastructure at the same time. It is not trivial to support such a large number of users at the same time. As evidence of the complexity of building a twinkle OS,even after 4 years of its introduction, we still found a bug in Amazon SQS through the course of this research. Even though a Twinkle OS is complex to implement,out of necessity, cloud providers have already spents a large amount of engineering efforts on building a highly scalable the existing cloud OS, we can potentially lower the application complexity. Yet achieve high scalability.

The Goals of Twinkle OS

• Being able to work from everywhere,regarding of whether or not you are using a full-featured,modern computer,a mobile gadget,or a completely obsolete PC.
• Sharing resources easily between different work centers at company,or working from different places and countries on the same projects.
• Always enjoying the same applications with the same open formats and forgetting the usual compatibility problems between of traditional operating systems.
• Being able to continue working if you have local computer or if it just crashes, without losing data or time. just log into your Twinkle operating system from another place and continue working.

Bnefits of the Twinkle OS

• Worldwide availability of Twinkle operating system: As its available through internet.
• Requires only browser : A browser with Java support is more than enough.
• Dynamic content and design : Interface can be customized according to yours needs,windows are floating so that they can be repositioned.
• Extensive list of Application : Office applications, Multimedia applications, Network applications and Chat applications are included.
• Remote storage facility : Through the file browser you can store files over the internet and edit them as you want.
• Browser and Platform Independent : All browsers and all operating systems are supported.
• Rich text editing facility